Komine LK-122 Reminder Alarm Disc Lock

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The Komine LK-122 Reminder Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock will give you comfort in knowing your bike is secure the next time you leave it. With dual movement sensors and 110-decibel alarm, no one is going to be able to move your bike without someone knowing about it. The hardened, anti-cut 7mm steel pin locks into position on your disc and reminder cable make sure you won’t forget about it.

Get the LK-122 alarm disc lock so you can leave your bike knowing it’s secure.


  •  110 decibel alarm
  •  Motorcycle alarm disc lock has a three-tone alarm
  •  water resistant
  • Hot processed hardened stainless steel & anti-cut pin (φ 7 mm)
  •  Dual shock & movement sensor
  • Reminder wire included
  • Spare batteries included
  • Two keys

Komine LK-122 Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock is activated with any vibration or movement which gives you peace of mind when you leave your bike out.