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Heated Products to keep you warm all year round.

We carry an extensive range of the Venture Heat heated clothing. 

The Venture Heat range of products are a washable heating system with adjustable temperature controls and soft flexible heating elements, meaning you can stay warm in any weather.

Our range of products is suitable for Motorcycle Riders, Sports Players, Skiers, Hikers and more.

Why heated motorcycle clothing?

The primary benefit of heated motorcycle clothing is its ability to keep the rider warm in cold temperatures. Heated jackets, vests, gloves, and pants have built-in heating elements that generate warmth, helping the rider stay comfortable during chilly rides. This is particularly important for motorcycle enthusiasts who ride in cold climates or during the winter season.

By providing warmth, heated motorcycle clothing extends the riding season for enthusiasts who want to ride during colder months. It allows riders to enjoy their motorcycles even when the weather would typically be prohibitive.

Compared to wearing multiple bulky layers, heated motorcycle clothing provides warmth without the need for excessive clothing. This keeps the rider more comfortable and allows for greater freedom of movement.

Heated clothing warms up quickly, providing almost immediate relief from the cold as soon as it is turned on. This is particularly beneficial during rest stops or when starting a ride on a chilly morning.

Cold temperatures can impact a rider's focus and dexterity. When a rider is cold, their muscles may tense up, reducing reaction times and overall control of the motorcycle. Heated clothing helps maintain a comfortable body temperature, preventing distractions caused by extreme cold and promoting better focus on the road.

Photo credit - Darren Cook - Ride360

Product Testimonials

Best bike gear I've ever bought, instant warmth at the flick of a switch, highly recommend

John Evans

Great gear, would never go out in the cold without the heated jacket liner and glove liners.

Russel Paterson

I purchased the 12v Heated Liner and was fitted up plugged in and supplied me with a remote control in store.

I can not recommend these guys enough, they give their time & provide an excellent service to our local community.

Mike Sabidussi

The Neck and Shoulder Wrap has been a game changer for my pain relief. Having always used heat packs and sometimes burning myself, having the wrap and being able to control the heat settings has been amazing. I feel relief each time I use it.


Great gear and amazing customer service. Visited the store and Philip helped me to size and select the geat I needed and he made sure I had everything required to connect it up properly.

Got to test it immediately on the ride home. I thought I was warm before with the merino layers but this is chalk and cheese.

Really happy with the gear. It works exactly as expected and exceeds my expectations!

Give them a call you won't regret it.

Peter Bishop