Komine GK-228 CE Protect Mesh Gloves

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The KOMINE GK-228 CE Protect Mesh Motorcycle Glove is a great affordable option for daily use around town that has a CE standard certification for motorcycle gloves (EN 13594: 2015) that offers great abrasion resistance. As this is one of the most common types of injury caused by motorcycle accidents is an abrasion injury or ‘road rash’ with the KOMINE-228 CE Protect Mesh Glove gives you peace of mind in case of a fall.

The KOMINE gloves also have the added benefit of smart touch technology enabling you to use your smartphone or navigation system without the hassle of removing your glove.
With the HR panelling built into the glove will you have extra visibility on night rides and foam padding in the palm will help reduce vibrations through the hands.


  • GK-228 CE Protect Mesh Gloves CE approved EN13594: 2015 mesh glove with KP 1 knuckle protection
  • Nice Simple design
  • The gloves offer high protection function with inner knuckle foam padding
  • Reflective welding on the knuckle for night safety
  • Touch screen conductivity in the finger tips
  • Made from Synthetic Leather · Nylon · Polyurethane
  • Anti slip silicone pad built in the the palm for added grip
  • Equipped with a three-dimensional pattern that is easy to grasp
  • Colour Black/Silver