12V Heated Motorcycle Carbon Gloves

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Racing experience, industry knowledge and professional collaboration has led us to create the ultimate motorcycle glove, the Heated Motorcycle Carbon Gloves. Designed with the sport bike enthusiast in mind, they provide superior comfort, protection and ergonomics for the best cold weather riding experience possible. Powerful heating elements woven into the winter motorcycle gloves create noticeable warmth in under 10 seconds by simply touching the built-in temperature controller and switching through three different heat settings.

The exterior of the motorcycle heated gloves is wrapped in Premium Nappa Leather while the interior has 3M Thinsulate Insulation plus a waterproof Dintex membrane to keep your hands warm and dry. The knuckles on these motorcycle heated gloves feature a carbon fiber composite insert for ultimate protection. The XCT (Xtreme Comfort Technology) in each Carbon Street glove provides impeccable mobility and flexibility and reduce the bulky feeling found in other winter gloves.

Ventures 12V Rechargeable Battery can be purchased from our Accessories page, so you don’t have to be wired to the bike.

The Dintex Membrane was engineered with one thing in mind, to keep hands dry and comfortable. The membrane has an impenetrable layer to prevent any water or wind coming through the gloves while still being highly breathable.

Our flagship Wearable Heating Technology is stealth yet effective. The flexible heating element covers from the top the hand into the perimeter of each fingers, and the back of the palm.  The heating element is safe to use in rain or snow.

The hand selected Nappa Leather Palm construction gives an improved grip to feel even closer to the adventure.

The Heated Carbon Gloves are powered by the existing battery on a motorcycle and will provide heat as long as the vehicle is on.  Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the body leaving the connector plug exposed.  Optional 12V rechargeable, portable battery can be purchased from 12V-accessories so you don’t have to be connected to the bike.

Product Specification


Power System 12V- Harness and Y-splitter included
Heating Elements Back of Hand to Each Finger
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Condition New
Draw 2.2 amp
Exterior Fabric Premium Nappa Leather and Nylon
Lining Polyester Fleece
Palm Premium Nappa Leather
Insulation 3M Thinsulate, 100G
Waterproof Membrane Dintex
Style Heated Gloves