New – Women’s Nomad 3.0 Heated Midlayer Shirt with HeatSync™ – Black

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Venture Heat’s Women’s Nomad Heated Mid layer is now warmer than ever thanks to it’s upgraded 7.4V heating system. With carbon fiber heating panels on the chest and the back it works great at keeping the heart and lungs warm to really send heat to the core. The new battery now lasts 30% longer from 3 to 9 hours heat and can be charged by USB-A or USB-C thanks to the new stronger battery.

Now with Bluetooth HeatSync™ connectivity, you can choose up to 10 settings and control your warmth directly from your phone when the base layer is hard to get to or power directly from the built in controller with the standard 3 settings. The extra wattage on the top means you can wear it as a base layer or a mid layer and the heat will be trapped in as you layer over the top and will intensify.

Made from a synthetic blend the shirt is great at wicking moisture and is really comfy with a full range of movement as well as being machine washable.

To control your climate with a push of a button or your phone, without having to layer up is game changing. It’s a must have this winter!