New – Men’s Roam 3.0 Heated Puffer Vest with HeatSync™ – Black

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Venture Heat’s best selling Men’s Roam Battery Heated Vest keeps getting better and better. The latest version now comes with Bluetooth HeatSync™ connectivity which allows you 10 settings that can be controlled directly from your phone which makes it really easy when you can’t get to the built in controller, which has also moved from the chest to the waist for easier access. The new battery is 40% smaller and stronger than ever thanks to the advancement in technology as well as now being charged from USB-A or USB-C so you can charge them anywhere and offers 3 to 10 hours of heat.

The carbon fiber heating elements are located on the chest, back and neck and are highly effective either worn on its own or layering under other clothing on those really cold days to enhance the heat. The nylon outer shell works to block the wind and rain as well as being really thin to compress under any outer garment.

To control your climate with a push of a button or your phone, without having to layer up makes the colder days so much more enjoyable. Your own personal heating system!