Komine EK-201 Protect 12V Heated Gloves

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Introducing the latest 12V heated gloves to our range, the Komine EK-201 Protect Heated Glove. With carbon fiber heating elements on the back of the hands and fingers, these gloves work great to keep your hands warm where you need it most. Each glove has its own individual built-in temperature controller with 3 settings to customise your heat as you ride.

The gloves themselves are incredibly comfortable and well made with a soft fleece inner liner making them feel really nice when you put your hands in. The HiPORA waterproof liner will keep the water out whilst trapping the heat in as well as offering great protection with a soft comfortable knuckle protector, neoprene and goat leather palm, carbon slider and great dexterity in the fingers. They come with wiring included and can connect directly to the GT-40 Deluxe Heated Jacket Liner.

If you’re looking for a more sporty 12V heated gloves then these are for you.