Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Insoles

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The new Zarkie Wireless Controller USB Battery Heated Insoles are the perfect way to add a heater to your existing shoes.

Heating from the underneath of the foot, the 3 settings wireless controller allows you to customise your heat as you walk. Featuring built-in USB 5V lithium batteries that can be charged from any USB port and heating times of up to 9+ Hours .

The comfortable insole can be tailored to fit your shoe by trimming the toe down to the size that fits you best. Take your heater wherever you stroll and enjoy warm feet this winter.

Zarkie Battery Heated Insole has a heating element that sits directly UNDER the front of the foot.  They then use your existing footwear to trap the heat in and warm the foot.

Zarkie Wireless USB Battery Heated Insoles are powered by two USB Batteries that are built into the insole.  They come with USB cable and can be charged from any USB port.

The new Zarkie insoles come with a 3 setting wireless controller included.  They can also be powered directly from the insole if needed.

Large (41-45)

Power System 5V 1AMP USB Power Bank (pair)
Heating Elements Front of foot
Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
Battery Capacity 3000mAh each
Condition New
Gender Unisex
Heating times 3 Hours High, 5.5 Medium 9+ Low
Style Heated Insoles