AK-344 Noise Reduction Earplugs

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The Komine AK-344 Noise Reduction Earplugs are able to block out annoying background noise while still being possible to hear conversations. This can make your ride a lot more enjoyable, especially long ones, where you may not want to listen to the background noises for hour after hour. This will help reduce fatigue and concentration. With an SNR rating of 28 decibels, these are a great way to protect your hearing, and the silicone earplugs come with a storage compartment.

Sometimes you want to protect your hearing and just ride without all the background noise.


  • A high-performance earplug that can hear conversation while cutting out unpleasant noise with a filter that reduces only a certain range
  • Noise reduction earplugs are made from silicon
  • SNR Rating of 28db
  • Maintaining concentration as a rider / Reducing fatigue due to noise and make for comfortable riding.
  • Aluminium Case with Silicon Cap and noise filter
  • Dimensions : 13 mm X 21.5 mm : 22 mm X 68 mm

Komine’s noise reduction earplugs are a great way to make your rides more enjoyable by cutting out background noise.